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Our employees #LiveGreen for Earth Day (& every day)!

Friday, April 22, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

The national Earth Day Network says, “Changing the world starts by changing your own little corner of it.”

In celebration of Earth Day, we asked our employees to share the ways they live “green” at work and at home, and we heard a number of great examples of folks, re-using, recycling, walking, composting, and overall just being more earth friendly!

Here are a few examples:

  • “My #livegreen tip is to have a stash of reusable grocery bags in my car. That way I always have one for that stop on the way home from work.”

  • “My #livegreen tip is all about downsizing. Smaller space, less stuff = smaller footprint. Also living close to work, I have the option to walk to work....which is what I plan to do tonight!”

  • “I make my own ‘instant oatmeal’. It’s oats, dried fruit and brown sugar. I pack as breakfast in a re-purposed jam jar. I buy and toss less packaging and eat healthier.”

  • “I #livegreen by walking instead of driving whenever possible! It allows me to slow down and appreciate the changing seasons, and I've only put gas in my car TWICE this year.”

  • “My #livegreen tip is to re-use my plastic bags. I use plastic zip top bags to bring in my veggie snacks or sandwiches, but then take the empty bag and if it is still clean, may re-use it for veggies again, otherwise I put in my car and use it as a garbage bag.”

  • “I make my own juice at home and bring it to work in a glass container. Coincidence that the juice is green? I think not. :)”

  • “For so many years, I've used my travel mug. Lost once, had to replace, lost again, but found. It's my favorite. No Styrofoam for me! #livegreen

We also held an onsite document shredding event for our employees and posted Earth Day volunteer opportunities for employees to get involved with local organizations.

What are you doing in your communities on Earth Day to #LiveGreen?

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