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New gas standards can impact teen drivers

Tuesday, March 4, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

Teen drivers, here’s a great discussion topic for your current events class: How will the new gasoline-emissions standards impact you?
   We suspect few teens earn ample money, and if you drive, you often pay for your own fuel. Will you applaud the health implications? Or will you mourn for your finances?
   News reports on Monday said the Obama administration is moving ahead to slash sulphur in gasoline by two-thirds by 2017, saying it will clean our air and save lives.
   Environmentalists and health officials cheer the new rules, while the oil industry warns of increased costs at the gas pump.
   “The benefits far outweigh the costs,” said an Environmental Protection Agency official, who added that the increased price will be less than a penny per gallon of gas.
  However, the American Petroleum Institute said the new rules will add 6 to 9 cents per gallon to refinery costs. “This rule is all pain and no gain,” said a Michigan congressman.
   Automakers applaud the new rule because it gives them a nationwide standard for emissions, allowing them to consistently engineer, build, and calibrate vehicles.
   Supporters say this could prove to be President Obama’s signature accomplishment in his second term. Critics call it yet another Obama blunder.
   What do you think? As a student, how do you discern between adults’ opinions that vary so much? How do you gauge whether the new gas standards are gain, or pain?
   Tell us about your class discussions!

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