New drivers can avoid 5 common mistakes

New drivers, we know how exciting it is to get your license, and the mobility that it brings!
   We also know you likely get tired of being reminded by adults about the dangers of driving.
   We get it. No one intends to do anything harmful. It’s not like you’re so clueless that you’d go out and purposely do something dumb to hurt yourself or anyone else.
   So here’s the point: Regardless of your intent, there are some common mistakes made by many beginning drivers. That shouldn’t be surprising, because it takes experience to polish your skills. But if you’re aware of those common mistakes ahead of time, maybe you can take extra care to avoid them. Here are five common ones:

   Distractions while driving
   Driving too fast
   Not using seat belts
   Driving under the influence

Read the Business 2 Community article to learn all the details.

by  Jon Osterberg



Diana Joy

03/08/2013 10:20 AM

I'm surprised that "showing off" is not included in the 5 biggest mistakes.

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