Mystery sleeping bag cloaks cold, injured hiker

Good Samaritans and a mystery sleeping bag saved a 59-year-old hiker with a broken leg May 7 high up Mt. Pilchuck.
     The injured Everett man slid 50 feet down a snowy slope and into a tree well, breaking his upper right leg and wedging him awkwardly in the snow. His three companions left him with extra clothes and descended in search of cellphone reception to summon help.
     A couple who had summited Mt. Pilchuck encountered the trio on their way down and learned of the dire situation. Being better equipped for cold weather, the couple retraced their steps to help the injured man as darkness fell.
     They found him at 4,800 feet, wet and shaking with the onset of hypothermia.
     Then something bizarre and miraculous happened: like manna from heaven, they spotted a sleeping bag lying nearby on the ground. It belonged to none of the parties involved. Mysteriously, there it lay – and it was much needed.
     The rescuers wrapped the man in what they called the “miracle sleeping bag” as county medics flew by helicopter to the scene.  Read how the rescue unfolded in this Everett Herald article, and see photos of the Northern Lights the hikers saw that night from Mt. Pilchuck.

by  Jon Osterberg



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