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More than the Wenatchee Apple King: The Annual Apple Blossom Festival

Monday, May 9, 2011by  WALLY Team

Red Delicious, Gala, Early Fuji, Golden Delicious and Ginger Gold are just a few of the hundreds of types of apples grown in the orchards surrounding Wenatchee. On the drive into town, you pass the orchards and see rows and rows of apple trees, and when these trees begin to bloom, it can only mean one thing: Apple Blossom Festival.

Brian, Josh and I loaded up WALLY1 and headed for Wenatchee to be a part of this amazing festival. As we drove down the parade route, chairs were already lining the streets. One woman we talked to said people line up chairs as early as a week before the parade. We arrived at Triangle Park, the staging area for the parade, a few hours before it was set to begin so we had a chance to walk around and check out some of the other parade participants.

Carol was part of the Red Cross float.
She told us about her husband's favorite apple, the Jona.

From left: Princess Maycee McQuin, Queen Elenore Bastian and Princess Elise Shae

Just as the parade was about to start, the rain started to fall. Fortunately, WALLY1 has an awning that provided us with some cover. As we entered the parade route the emcee called out, "Oh! I like the van!" He wasn't the only one either. As we continued down the route on Orondo Avenue and onto Wenatchee Avenue, we got a few more shouts of, "Nice Van!"

PBA Josh waves to the crowd from the beloved WALLY1 van.

We were there to represent the Wenatchee Apple King, but there were many more examples of Northwest Profiles along the parade route. We saw more than a few Socks and Sandals Guys, and it turns out Blue Tarp Campers are not limited to the woods. We found a family who brought their knowledge of staying dry to the streets.

One group suggested a new Northwest Profile, the "Pacific Northwest Parade Fan," and I would have to agree. The people of Wenatchee showed their spirit and dedication by sticking out the rain. Most of the viewers stayed to watch the entire show. Thanks to all who came out to watch the parade, we had a great time.

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