Mixed results for childproofing NW homes

Northwest parents earn some “done wells” along with a few “do betters” when it comes to safeguarding their homes for young children.
  According to the latest PEMCO Poll, of parents who currently or have lived with kids under age 5, about 83% safeguard their homes for electrical shock and harmful chemicals. Far less – 51% – strap bookcases to walls, presenting a toppling or earthquake risk. About half install gates at the top of stairwells, and only 23% use locks to keep their toilet lids closed.
   The toilet statistic may seem irrelevant until you consider a 2012 government study that says accidents – including burns, drowning, falls, and poisoning – are the leading cause of death among young people. Combine a curious toddler with an open toilet, and there’s your risk. Read the full news release, and take an informal version of the poll where you can compare your own responses to the official results.

by  Jon Osterberg



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