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Meet the Loudest Seahawks Fan in the Northwest

Wednesday, December 24, 2014by  Christa VanWieringen

It’s no secret that Seahawks fans are proud to be loud, which is why all season long, we’ve made it our mission to find the loudest Supercharged Seahawks Fan in the Northwest.

After 37 appearances all over Washington and Oregon, and 2,446 participants, we’re pleased to crown Alice Swanson of Vancouver, Wash., as our first-ever Yellfie Champion.

Registering at 119.6 decibels, it was no fluke that Alice took the title of loudest Seahawks fan in the Northwest. We had a chance to talk to Alice and ask her questions about her Yellfie experience:


WALLY team: Where were you when you first saw the Yellfie booth?

Alice: I was at the Hot Buttered Run in Vancouver, Wash. After the race, I heard there was a chance to win Seahawks tickets!

WALLY team: What were your initial thoughts when you saw the Yellfie booth?

Alice: I thought it was hilarious! I loved the idea – it’s a little different and outside of the box.

WALLY team: Were you surprised when you won? What did your friends and family say?

Alice: Let’s just say, anyone who knows me wasn’t surprised that I won.

WALLY team: What are some other ways you use your loudness to your advantage?

Alice: I used to work in the public school system and taught grades three to five. I was their biggest (and loudest) cheerleader.

WALLY team: What was your strategy for the Yellfie booth?

Alice: I thought back to the time when I worked in the public school system. I had the task of playground monitor, and whenever I encountered someone who was upset, I told them to let out all their frustration and anger by yelling! I would hold yelling contests and practice yelling with them – it was therapeutic.


As the loudest Seahawks fan in the Northwest, Alice won a pair of tickets to the Dec. 28 game against the Rams, which will be her first-ever Seahawks game! If you’ve taken a Yellfie, or want a good laugh, check out our Hall of Loud Gallery.

Although this contest is over, stay tuned for future Yellfie appearances! As Alice would say, “Live out loud, don’t hold anything back. Life is too short not to have fun!”



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