Lost, unlicensed dogs can be adopted by new owners

Thursday, September 1, 2016by  Jon Osterberg
The happy-ending story of Hunter, the lost black Lab, serves as a cautionary tale for owners who don't license, tag, or chip their dogs.
     As reported in The Columbian, Hunter's owner left town to fight fires and entrusted the Lab to the care of a friend. But Hunter jumped a fence and got snatched by the local dog catcher. No one reported him as missing.
     The Humane Society saw Hunter had no license (as required by law), tag, or chip, so after a standard exam the pooch was put up for adoption. A new family took him and quickly bonded with the Lab.
     When the firefighter returned and found his dog gone, he pieced together what happened and tried to reclaim Hunter. But he had no legal recourse. Happily, the Human Society untangled the mistaken adoption, and on Tuesday Hunter and his original owner were reunited.
     Dog owners can avoid similar hassles by licensing and tagging their pets. Learn more in the Columbian story.

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