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Long run ends at Eastlake, but Dexter beckons

Thursday, December 10, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

Tomorrow marks my final day working in the PEMCO headquarters building I’ve called home since 1984.
     Tomorrow night I go on Christmas vacation, and next week PEMCO moves its Seattle headquarters across town to 1300 Dexter Avenue North.
     So as I wind down my time here at 325 Eastlake Avenue East, I consider:

  • Not many people these days stay with one company for 31+ years.
  • I’ve now worked for PEMCO, in this building, for 31 years, 3 months.
  • In all that time, despite seven different marketing roles, my 5th-floor office hasn’t moved farther than 50 feet from my first office.
  • I’ve now worked for PEMCO at this address more than half of my life (I’m not yet 62).

     Some might read that and say, sheesh, that’s pathetic – 31 years in the same place!
     Others might think, wow, he must work for a really good company to stay that long.
     Yes, I do.
     Consider the morning I came to work after just three weeks on the job, when I found my office decorated by my new co-workers, celebrating the birth of my first child, Sean.
     That’s typical of how PEMCO has been over the years. I’ll get in trouble for writing this, because we’re encouraged here to think of our colleagues as teammates. But the fact is, PEMCO’s culture is such that my colleagues feel more like family.
     PEMCO treats its employees as well as it treats its customers, which is pretty good, looking at our J.D. Power awards for the past three years.
     I look forward to reporting to our new Dexter Avenue headquarters Dec. 28, where we’ll enjoy a smaller, extensively renovated building. Instead of gawking at sunsets blazing behind the Space Needle and Olympics (and these days, a herd of cranes), we’ll relish glorious sunrises over Lake Union, and the promise of new days.
     So long, Eastlake. And hello, Dexter!

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personBob Senior12/10/2015 04:40 PM
Sheesh. I did 40 years at the old Postal Processing Facility south of SODO, and then 16 more at Oxbow, over the river from the Flight Museum. It became a commute of 20 more minutes, but the memories of the OLD place, just like MacArthur, just fade away!

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