License plates point out teen drivers

Pennsylvania has taken steps to distinguish teen drivers from other motorists. The state’s DOT now offers voluntary teen driver plates, which loudly proclaim the person driving is still honing his or her skills.
   Parents pay $20 for plates emblazoned with “Teen Driver,” a yield sign, and the words “Please be courteous.”
   The idea is to give teens a wide berth and be extra cautious when driving around them.
   It’s sort of like driving schools that label their cars with big letters reading, “Caution: student driver.” Except the Pennsylvania plates stay on the car, presumably, until the driver is no longer a teenager. Or until the teen buys a car and no longer relies on the parents for wheels.
   The idea isn’t new. It’s been floated in the Northwest. In 2010, New Jersey passed a law requiring teen drivers’ license plates to be flagged with red velcro, so police can better spot beginners and enforce license restrictions.
   Check out the article in the Lehigh Valley Express-Times.

by  Jon Osterberg



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