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It's prom season for Northwest teens

Tuesday, April 22, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

Nineteen percent of Northwest drivers say they drank the night of their high school prom.
   We learned that in our latest PEMCO Poll, which surveyed 1,000 drivers in Washington and Oregon. It also revealed 79% of teens drove themselves to prom or rode with peers.
   When I mentioned I intended to write about the poll in this Teen Driver blog, someone asked if that might validate and encourage teenagers' urge to drink at this year's prom.
   I give teen drivers more credit than that. The vast majority recognize that drinking and driving is stupid and dangerous.
   Our poll surveyed licensed drivers, meaning we got a broad spectrum of ages. I'm hopeful that the 19% who drank is weighted more toward older drivers, from an era when the dangers of drinking and driving weren't as well documented, and those who did it weren't ostracized like today.
   I'm encouraged to find that 9% of people said they hired public transportation, like a limo. Hopefully that's a trend that's gaining momentum.
   What better way to truly go in style to prom, than to pull up in a long black limo with a horde of your friends?
   It removes the entire risk of driving under the influence. And it's probably a better social experience, one worth the cost – and certainly affordable if everyone chips in.
   Maybe you're a high school student who's reading this and thinking, "Who cares? I'm not going to prom, anyway."
   Do you ever wonder how many people actually go? Especially if you want to, but don't get asked? Or can't afford to go?
   PEMCO's poll found that 54% attended at least one of their high school proms. So for many, prom never happened.
   Oh, and for those of you who don't drive yourselves to prom, and instead get chauffeured by your parents, you're not alone: 7% say their parents drove them to prom.

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personGale S. Kennedy05/03/2014 07:33 PM
Hey, make prom night a dual event. Start out with the prom at the beginning of the night and end it with a pajama party sleep over and no one drives home. The theme could be "Enchantment Under The Sleeping Bag".

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