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How shaky is your earthquake preparation?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016by  Derek Wing

Last year, The New Yorker rattled nerves across the Northwest with dire predictions of what a Cascadia subduction zone megaquake and accompanying tsunami would mean to people from California to Canada. But apparently, it didn’t jolt us into action.

A PEMCO Poll showed that while 77% of us expect to experience a major earthquake, only half (52%) say they’re at least “somewhat prepared.”

Two out of five (39%) fess up to doing nothing to safeguard their homes and families!

Feeling a little shaky now yourself?

Many experts suggest you start with a DIY three-day emergency kit. Here’s a budget-friendly trick a friend's nephew used to build his. First, he put a storage tote in his hall closet. Then on payday (twice a month), he bought and added at least one critical item to the tote – a flashlight, first-aid kit, battery-powered radio, water, dehydrated food, blankets, etc. He also tucked in a supply of prescription medicines and copies of critical documents, like financial contracts. Before long, he’d built a “grab and go” kit his family can take with them if they need to evacuate after an earthquake. (Now, they just need to remember to refresh it annually, rotating medicines, replacing water, and changing batteries.)

He also made sure all family members know how to find a sheltered location to stay safe during the shaking.

If you’re among the group of Northwesterners who already feel quake-ready, there still may be one more thing you can do. Consider earthquake insurance. While we don’t sell it, we can put you in touch with companies that do.

Read full results of the poll of 1,200 Washington and Oregon residents by Seattle’s FBK Research. 

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