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How long should you live with your parents?

Friday, August 16, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

You grew up in the family home, finished high school, and went off to college. How soon should you be out of your parents’ house and living on your own?
   Answers vary depending on your age. The so-called Millennial parents – those age 18 to 34 – says it’s fine for adult kids to linger at home up to six years after college. Those age 55 and up say it’s three years, at most. So says a new study by Coldwell Banker Real Estate.
   A cross-generational straw poll of PEMCO colleagues in and near my department shows the average fly-the-coop age is 22. Yet as one person noted, cultural factors likely would come into play with a larger, more representative sample size. Asian Americans, for example, often have three generations living under one roof at all times.
   The U.S. Census Bureau says “boomerang kids” – young adults living at home – are at an all-time high, likely driven by economic conditions but also, perhaps, by a changing American mindset. Read Tom Kelly’s brief summary on MyNorthwest.com, or read the detailed study findings in this Coldwell Banker article.

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