Historic rail line to reconnect Ashland, Weed

The Siskiyou Rail Line, which in 1887 connected Southern Oregon with Northern California and shipped freight for 110 years, will reopen next month after a $13 million renovation.
     The Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad will operate the 296-mile short line between Eugene and Weed, with trains running five days per week, one in each direction. Service on the line stopped in 2008.
     Repairs are nearly complete on the mountainous 65-mile Siskiyou crossing between Ashland and Weed, including renovation of rails, tunnels, ties, and trestles. Tunnel 14 in particular received a major overhaul, including shotcrete sprayed on its walls to correct drainage problems. Shotcrete, essentially spray-on concrete, is the same product used to stabilize the 2.3-mile Snoqualmie Tunnel in 2011 for public use.
     Rail is ideal for shipping bulky wood products, and it costs less per mile than shipping by truck. For some truckers, the Siskiyou Rail Line reopening will siphon away business. Read the Medford Mail Tribune article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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