Hey officer, wanna race?

Have you ever driven aggressively, only to discover an unmarked police car nearby?
   Bet you never challenged one to race, though.
   Unfortunately for him, a 24-year-old Olympia man did precisely that on I-5 until State Trooper Guy Gill, driving an unmarked Dodge Charger, arrested him for reckless driving with a suspended license.
   Every community seems to have a spot where youthful speed demons unwisely meet to challenge each other. Often it’s on rural roads void of much traffic. A quick poll of co-workers triggered knowing nods from their past: Around Walla Walla, it was Middle Waitsburg Road. Spokane teens raced on East Trent in the industrial corner of town. Bellevue and Eastside hot rodders met at “80 acres,” an 80-acre expanse of Scotch broom that later became Microsoft’s main campus.
   And much 1960s lore endures of races for “pink slips” – motor vehicle titles – at Ballard’s Golden Gardens.
   What were they thinking?
   Likewise, what was the 24-year-old thinking when he challenged Trooper Gill on I-5? Read The Olympian story.

by  Jon Osterberg



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