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Here's the fun way to do prom night

Tuesday, April 9, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

It's April, which means prom season is nearly upon us.
   Are you making prom plans? Or are you a parent of a high-school teen planning to go? Here's PEMCO's favorite prom tip -- it's our favorite because it makes teens and moms and dads happy.
   Ditch the car. Take a limo instead.
   That's right. Leave the car at home, and don't even bother with driving. Couples (or their parents) can chip in together and rent a limousine. Let's say you rent a stretch limo that seats 14 for six hours. Even at $150 per hour, that would cost just $130 per couple if you have seven couples.
   When I say "just," picture this: You're all riding in the back, talking and laughing and having a good time. There's plenty of elbow room. No one is hassling with driving in stiff dress shoes or high heels, or driving distracted. Instead you focus on your friends and making great memories. Meanwhile, the limo driver safely gets you to and from home, dinner, and prom.
   You feel like you're living large! And your parents enjoy peace of mind, knowing you're being chauffeured.
   Now, doesn't $130 sound like a good value?
   For my prom, I remember three couples in formal clothes crammed into a 4-door sedan. It was a bit tight. And my buddy who drove was less focused on the road than on how his mirror-black shoes hurt his feet. A limo would have been fun for us. Mobile party!
   Think of it as traveling in style. Prom is all about glamour. You pull up to your venue and make a grand entrance. It sure beats paying for parking and having to hoof it through a pay lot or garage.
   Want some prom fashion tips from the pros? Read this new Oregonian article that covers dresses, tuxes, and hairstyles.

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