Going Green at Sustainable Ballard

Monday, September 30, 2013by  Hailey Huntington

It was a cold and wet day at Seattle’s 10th annual Sustainable Ballard festival but that didn't stop the WALLY team and many of our Northwest neighbors from celebrating communities that are environmentally, socially and personally sustainable.

We channeled our most eco-friendly Northwest Profiles, including P-Patch Person, Relentless Recycler, and Smug Hybrid Driver, and had a blast helping some of the festival goers pick the profile that best matched their own persona. 

The family above, like many of our own, represented multiple categories including a “Relentless Recycler”, an "Urban Chicken Farmer", a “P Patch Person”, and a couple of future "Smug Hybrid Drivers".

The WALLY van went especially green for this event by running all of its electricity through solar power. We hooked up to the Northwest Solar Rover, a mobile trailer running solar power, and powered all of our electronics off good old fashion sunshine.  We were amazed that despite the gloomy forecast, Mother Nature pumped out plenty of rays to keep the Solar Rover running. 

It is not always convenient to be environmentally friendly, but our friends at Sustainable Ballard reminded us that simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in making our region a little greener:

  1. Consider carpooling or taking public transportation 
  2. Switch to fluorescent light bulbs
  3. Turn off electronics/lights when you leave the room
  4. Pay your bills online
  5. Bring a refillable cup to get your coffee 
  6. Take the stairs not the elevator
  7. Use reusable/canvas grocery bags
  8. Wash laundry in cold instead of hot
  9. Walk or ride a bike when you have errands that are close
  10. Fix leaky faucets

Become a  “Relentless Recycler” this fall by switching up a few things in your life. You will be helping the planet and may even also feel a little better about yourself! 

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