Free rest-stop coffee to be promoted again?

Washington coffee snobs might not drink free rest-stop java, but a state senator thinks highway safety depends on it.
   Have you ever noticed the freeway signs near rest areas that say “free coffee”? If not, perhaps it’s because they disappeared in 2012. That’s when the Department of Transportation (WSDOT) stopped replacing worn signs promoting free coffee.
   But state Sen. Kirk Pearson (R-Monroe) has filed a bill to revive the signs. Free coffee, he says, revives groggy drivers.
   Additionally, nonprofit groups that serve the coffee collect donations. And with drivers no longer invited to pull over for a free caffeine jolt, donations are down.
   WSDOT has some concern, though, for the safety of those volunteers. Learn why in this Olympian article.

by  Jon Osterberg



Diana Strzelec

01/16/2015 01:53 PM

I agree with reinstating the coffee!  Talk about a WIN WIN... safety for everyone on the roadways and helping fund the NGO's as well which helps out all of our citizens.

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