Fewer Oregon teens driving than in 2002

Here’s local evidence of our Sept. 10 Teen Driver post, “Fewer Americans drive as car culture shifts.”
   The Oregonian reports that driving in the Beaver State peaked in 2004, four years before the 2008 recession hit. Yet roads are seemingly jammed even more today during rush hour, which transportation experts attribute to Oregonians doing less pleasure driving but crowding the pavement when they have to, getting to and from work.
   And fewer Oregon teenagers drive nowadays, overall.
   Since 2002, the number of licensed 16- to 21-year-olds has dropped from 250,434 to 214,800, said The Oregonian. Where a decade ago 85% of that age group drove, only 71% are licensed to do so today.
   The stretch of I-5 from downtown Portland to the Columbia River now ranks No. 18 among the nation’s worst rush-hour bottlenecks. Learn more in Joseph Rose’s Oregonian article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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