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Fair Weather Fans Need Not Apply

Friday, June 24, 2011by  WALLY Team

Excitement filled the air outside the newly renamed CenturyLink Field, Thursday evening, as the Sounders prepared to play the New York Red Bulls, and fans prepared to cheer them on. Gray skies are never a match for Seattleites, and this was no exception. Despite the threat of rain, the enthusiasm was palpable.

With WALLY set up next to the giant soccer ball, a line of eager fans waited for our famous Sounders photo program. Even the new PEMCO sunglasses were a hit. With a half hour left before the game and only five remaining glasses, everyone surrounding the WALLY van donned the green and black shades. It was a sight to be seen. Rain or shine, Sounders FC fans always sport their team's colors! This no doubt gave our home team an extra boost of confidence, helping them to win the game with a score of 4-2!

As part of the PEMCO's pre-game festivities, fans lined up to get their pictures in taken in front of the large Sounders soccer ball.

Who needs sun to sport these stellar shades? With Sounders green trim, it is guaranteed to match your best fan gear!

Before the game, Sounders fans put their own skills to the test by participating in the Foos Cup, PEMCO's season long Foosball tournament. An enthusiastic team stopped by to brag about their win at a previous game and challenged opponents to "be prepared."

Boy does Seattle and the Sounders have some skilled fans. The night's highest scoring team racked up a whopping 18 points in a mere five minute game! Not only does the winning team get bragging rights until Sunday, when the Sounders play again, but their picture appeared on the big screen during the game!

Seattle's one of a kind fans show "no mercy" on the (Foosball) tables or in the stands.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by WALLY to help us get pumped for the game. Keep that enthusiasm up and let our team know how great we think they are! See you Sunday!

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