E.T. lands in Portland for "Movies in the Park"

A being from another world touched down in Overlook Park in Portland on Sunday, and the WALLY team witnessed it first-hand! Crowds gathered at the park as the mysterious creature first appeared in the sky. With the anticipation building, we realized that the shape in the sky was none other than E.T. himself!

People packed Overlook Park to enjoy the movie screening of the 1982 blockbuster E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, but before the movie started, E.T. generously handed out his favorite treat.

We were surrounded by excited E.T. fanatics who definitely knew their E.T. trivia. Let’s see if you do too!

  1. Who directed the movie?
  2. What year was the movie released?
  3. What was E.T.’s closest human friend’s name?
  4. What is E.T.’s favorite candy treat?

The WALLY team was excited to see E.T.’s smooth landing in Overlook Park, and we wonder where he’ll show up next! See below for the answers to the E.T. trivia!


  1. Steven Spielberg
  2. 1982
  3. Elliott
  4. Reese’s Pieces


by  Mikki Valentine



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