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Drivers admit danger, drive distracted anyway

Thursday, June 26, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

A new Harris Poll reveals that although most American drivers acknowledge texting and driving is dangerous, they do it anyway.
   Same with drunk driving – 37% say they've driven after drinking too much.
   More than nine out of 10 drivers – 94% – say texting while driving is dangerous. Yet 45% said they read texts behind the wheel, and 37% admit sending texts. About one-third of those say they do so frequently.
   Drivers age 18 – 32, which Harris defines as the Millennials, talk on cell phones or text while driving more than any other age group. About one-quarter of them say they frequently talk on a cell (28%), read texts (27%), or send texts (24%). And 55% of Millennials say they often or sometimes ride with a driver who's talking on a hand-held cell phone.
   Read the entire Harris Poll, released June 19.

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