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Dragons of the West burn through the 2013 Foos Cup competition

Thursday, October 31, 2013by  Justin Dellinger

Throughout the Seattle Sounders FC season, thousands of fans have tried to translate the skills and theatrics they have witnessed on the home pitch to their own matches in PEMCO’s Foos Cup tournament. However, no one was able to match the skills of Jeremy and Drew, this year’s Foos Cup Champions, also known as Dragons of the West.

Dragons of the West embarked on the road to Foos Cup Champions up north at Western Washington University, where the two attend college. It was there that they’d practice every night after dinner. They started off by playing against each other 1-on-1. Soon after, they decided they were ready to challenge other duos, which is when their skills really became noticed. It wasn’t long until Dragons of the West realized that the competition at WWU was simply not enough, so they turned to the one place where only the best foosball teams survive: PEMCO Insurance’s Foos Cup tournament.

The WALLY team saw Dragons of the West at nearly every Sounders FC home match this year, and every single time they proceeded to break their own personal high score, but never landed on top of the leaderboard. This all changed on July 20, 2013, when the dynamic duo scored an astounding 28 goals, making them the season leader. This high score held up for three months, ultimately crowning them Foos Cup Champions.

When Dragons of the West stopped by the WALLY van to claim their prizes, we chatted with them to learn about their game plan and strategies. Here are a few tips that could help propel you to victory in PEMCO's 2014 Foos Cup tournament:

  1. Always have foosballs nearby for reloading. Because Foos Cup is a timed match, having foosballs nearby allows your team to quickly reload balls back into the game after a goal to maximize game time.
  2. Don’t worry about getting scored on. Yes, part of winning your match involves playing defense to prevent the other team from scoring, but, if you truly want to be team leader, you have to be ready to go immediately after an opponent scores. Don’t dwell on it, bounce back and score the next goal.
  3. Communicate.  Foos Cup is a 2-on-2 tournament. As a team, you need to be willing to pass to each other and communicate effectively if you want any chance of scoring enough goals to become the season-leader.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2013 Foos Cup tournament, took a souvenir photos with us, and made this year’s Sounders season unforgettable.

We’ll be back at CenturyLink this Wednesday, Oct. 30 as the Sounders take on the Colorado Rapids in their first 2013 playoff game. We hope to see you there!

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