Distracted drivers groom, floss, steer with knees

Although only about one-third of Northwest motorists admit to driving distracted, some of their behavior might compel you to steer clear.
   And when you do, please steer clear with your hands, not your knees – which 10% of drivers admit to doing.
   The latest PEMCO Poll reveals that 67% of Northwest drivers say they “rarely” or “never” drive while distracted. But of those who do, one-third are under age 35, and nearly 25% of those younger drivers say they don’t think it’s dangerous to drive distracted.
   Among other findings: 36% of all motorists say they often/sometimes eat hand-held food while driving, 15% say they often/sometimes drive while using a hand-held phone, and 8% say they often/sometimes apply makeup, shave, or floss. Read the results of the official poll, and take an informal version yourself to see how your answers compare with poll participants.

by  Jon Osterberg



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