Dimwitted turkeys victims of fowl play

An organic-meats farm near Ellensburg ranks high for sales, but its turkeys rank low for smarts.
   Windy N Ranch has already sold out its 2013 supply of holiday turkeys, a variety called White Holland Heritage. But some of the birds never made it to market this year because they foolishly did themselves in.
   Ranch owner Greg Newhall lost five young turkeys that one-by-one got wedged between a wall and a watering tank after following the distress calls of the first bird in line. Newhall found them dead the next day. He’s constantly amazed at the stupidity of his flock.
   “It was like a Jim Jones suicide pact,” he told the Yakima Herald-Republic.
   Newhall started the year with 150 turkey chicks but lost half of them to owls that swooped in at night and snatched them. He’s learning as he goes, having added turkeys just four years ago to his 800-acre ranch that’s also home to sheep, pigs, goats, cattle, and chickens. Read the Herald-Republic story.

by  Jon Osterberg



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