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Christmas socks: festive, feminine, or foolish?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

I love the holidays! Our lights are up at home, indoors and out, along with two Christmas trees.
   And last Friday, I augmented my Blue Friday Seahawks attire with Christmas socks.
   I make it a point each year to model my socks for two work pals. My socks always provoke their disgust and dismay, especially from one friend who, for this this blog, I'll call "Nate."
   Nate tells me each year that Christmas socks are just plain wrong on men. Hey says they're for women, that they send a bad message when men wear them.
   I always counter with, "Nate, I'm confident enough in my masculinity to wear Christmas socks." Then I hike up my pant leg so he can clearly see Santa, the Grinch, snowflakes, or whichever pair I'm wearing.
   I decided to pose the question to my colleagues via Yammer, PEMCO's in-house social network: "When guys wear Christmas socks, is it festive, feminine, or foolish?"
   Overwhelmingly, my colleagues are pro-socks. Especially the women, who like them on men.
   "Absolutely festive! Keep wearing them," was a typical reply.
   Eventually "Nate" chimed in on Yammer, writing that it's okay for guys to wear colored, striped, or patterned socks, but that socks with reindeer or Santa or snowflakes on them are strange and "just plain weird."
   More colleagues responded with pro-socks messages. One woman offered to lend me her antlers so that I could "be festive from head to toe."
   Nate had at least one sympathizer who wrote, "Festive, feminine, and foolish. You've hit the trifecta, Jon."
   What do you think? Share your thoughts on Christmas socks!

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