But first let me take a #Yellfie

Thursday, September 18, 2014by  PEMCO Insurance

#Yellfie  Noun \yell ’ fē\   Definition of #YELLFIE: a video of one Supercharged Seahawks Fan yelling to push the decibel meter and show the world how loud and proud they are!

Hey, Supercharged Seahawks Fans – how LOUD are you? 80 decibels? 90? 100? Now you can find out in our #Yellfie booth! Come visit us at Touchdown City in CenturyLink Field two hours before each home Seattle Seahawks game this season to give us your best “Go Hawks!!” yell.

We'll use a decibel meter to measure your roar, while recording a slow-motion video (a “Yellfie”) of you cheering. We’ll upload your video after the game for you to view and share! We’ll track the loudest 12 fans throughout the season on our leaderboard (below) and the top finishers will be eligible for Seahawks prizes, including Seahawks tickets and a VIP game experience!

So how exactly do you make a #Yellfie? Easy! Just follow these steps:

#1: Enter the #Yellfie booth, stand on the footprints, and wait for the countdown! (pic)

#2: When you get the cue, give us your best yell (pic)

#3: Visit pemco.com/yellfie after the game to find your video

#4: Share your slo-mo video on Facebook and Twitter using #Yellfie

Not going to a Seahawks game this season? No problem! We’re taking the #Yellfie booth on the road each week to maximize your #Yellfie opportunities. Find out where we’ll be next by checking our calendar.

Go Hawks!

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