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An open letter to Russell Wilson

Friday, December 20, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

Russell WilsonNews reports say that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has partnered with Seattle-based Alaska Airlines to take part in its marketing activities.

Dear Russell:
I love you, man!

You are a winner on and off the field. You've not only led the Hawks to 23 wins in less than two seasons – an NFL record – you seem to embrace the Northwest.

But Russell (and I'm speaking for myself here, not my employer), you're killing me with those American Family ads!

Yes, I know there's a bit of Wisconsin in your blood. You quarterbacked the Badgers to the 2011 Big Ten championship and a near-Rose Bowl win, and you pursued graduate studies in Madison. I think AmFam is based there.

But now you're one of us, Russell. A Northwest guy. You visit sick kids at Seattle Children's Hospital. You've partnered with Alaska Airlines.

Besides bleeding Seahawk blue, you even lived in the Tri-Cities, where you played 2nd base for the Dust Devils in 2010. Heck, maybe you even saw the hydros race on the Columbia!

Beagle sittingI also know you're a good guy because you and wife Ashton own a Beagle. I had three Beagles as a kid growing up in Lake Hills. Great pooches. They're perfect for the Northwest because they're always so busy being led by their noses, they don't even notice the rain.

You've even campaigned against texting and driving. Awesome.

You're a (nearly) 5' 11" quarterback who plays like a giant. And you say your favorite food is steak, with mac 'n cheese?

Clearly, Russell, you're a little different.

Doesn't that make you a perfect match for Seattle-based PEMCO? Because we're a lot like you. A little different.

And we're the perfect Northwest company for a Northwest guy like you.

I understand the AmFam contract and all. But please, Russell, throw us a bone. At least give PEMCO a shot at insuring your home and car.

And let me know if I can ever show you around the pits at Seafair.


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