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A walk that can't be stopped

Monday, September 16, 2013by  Mason Luvera

When the WALLY team heads to events, we see some fun things that are unique to the Northwest.  We’ve taken part in something as wacky as a Pumpkin Regatta, and joined a quirky festival dedicated to the mystery of Sasquatch. And while we love the quirkiness of these events, after taking part in this year’s Walk For Wishes, we realized the thing we love most is seeing the spirit of our community.

Walk For Wishes is an amazing fundraiser supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where families and donors gather to support the foundation, and celebrate the wishes that have been granted to kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Our tent was a popular hangout for the Hawks youth football team, who showed up sporting their bright orange. We started noticing that they all had something in common in addition to their love of football; they all were walking for Alex Bradshaw. 

 Walk For Wishes participants 

We soon found out that Alex was their teammate, who in 2011 discovered he had the rare Ogilvie Syndrome. The disorder affects the muscle function of the colon but is managed through treatment. Alex himself was a "Wish Kid" and was granted his wish of seeing every home Seahawks game. Now, a couple years later, with his health managed, he is able to continue playing football and made it his mission to gather support for the 2013 Walk for Wishes! We’re so inspired by his story and perseverance, and we think it may have rubbed off on walk participants too. Minutes after the walk began, the rain began pouring down, typical Northwest weather. But did anyone let that stop them?  Absolutely not! People were laughing as they continued on the walk during the torrents, and even after getting soaked, everyone had a big smile on their face.

While we get to enjoy many different events, this one was extra special. We had the opportunity to see people come together in support of a great cause, and really make a difference, of course all in Northwest style! Time and time again, we get to see what it is about our events we like so much, and each time we leave knowing it’s the amazing attitudes and care of the people in the Northwest.

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