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A day in the life of a Mobile Food Rodeo Wrangler

Tuesday, September 18, 2012by  Elliott Nicholas

You might not have noticed him checking the gas levels on the generators, but he was there. You might have just missed him when he was verifying that the 45 exceptional food trucks were in their proper spots. And who was that guy who showed us to our new favorite crepe truck?  His name is Jeff, the Mobile Food Rodeo Wrangler. 

Mobile food rodeo wrangler

He and the rest of his wrangling crew were the unsung heroes of South Lake Union’s Mobile Food Rodeo. Getting all of the booths up and running was no easy feat, but he made sure that we had all that we needed. Jeff and his team made us feel like Rodeo Royalty! 

We weren’t the only people that noticed their dedication either. Jeff told us that Seattle Mayor McGinn mentioned him in his Twitter feed, even after Jeff let him know that he’s registered in Edmonds and couldn’t vote for him!  Now that’s the Northwest Spirit we know and love!

Overall the Mobile Food Rodeo was a hit!  We saw a lot of great looking food and plenty of people brought by some cute pups too. We had a great time hosting the NW Profile Anagram Challenge and we hope everyone enjoyed playing for a chance to win Monday night Seahawks tickets.

PEMCO NW Profile challenge at Mobile Food Rodeo

The wide variety of food trucks certainly delivered, but we especially want to thank the wranglers behind the scenes that kept the whole Rodeo going. So here’s to you Mobile Food Rodeo Wrangler, the man that keeps the fryers on and the gates open so the rest of us can grab some tasty treats!

South Lake Union Food Rodeo 

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