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A Bite of South Lake Union

Monday, August 15, 2011by  WALLY Team

South Lake Union Block Party banner 

Seattle's food connoisseurs treated themselves to a variety of mouth-watering cuisine at Friday's South Lake Union Block Party, a mixer for those living and working nearby.

Neighborhood restaurants and those from other parts of Seattle came out to serve tasty meals and snacks, filling the summer air with their aroma. 

The whole block could go from smelling sweet to savory with a gust of wind. 

People attend South Lake Union Block Party  

   Beet salad and steamed clams were two of the gourmet meals

gobbled up by hungry block party attendees

By purchasing a special meal ticket, foodies got to nibble on samples from each vendor. These were not your run-of-the-mill snacks. They ranged from summer beet salad, to fresh steamed clams.
Food carts were stationed in one area of the block party, selling everything from pulled pork and Thai food to Molly Moon's famous homemade ice cream.

Anyone with an appetite — or a pulse — was sure to find something to please them.

Food trucks at South Lake Union Block Party 

Red and white checkered tablecloths signal the start of a feast

As day turned to night, the South Lake Union Block Party transitioned into an outdoor movie screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Dinner and a movie on the town — it doesn't get much better. 

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