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5 essential car hacks for new drivers

Tuesday, March 15, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

car trunk packing with suitcaseHours logged. Driving test passed. License in hand. After the maiden voyage, there will be a ton of “firsts” for a new driver to face in the first years of driving. Be prepared for problems big and small with these driving and car hacks for teen drivers.

  1. Can’t remember which side your gas tank is on? Typically, you’ll find a tiny arrow on the face of your car’s fuel gauge, pointing you toward the tank’s location.

  2. Backup on I-5? Pay attention to which lanes semi-trucks and buses line up in. They often get radio messages from their pals with firsthand info on lane closures.

  3. Remember where you parked your car. Drop a pin on your smartphone map, and share your location via text message with yourself or a friend.

  4. Tame your clutter. Use organization items like shower caddies and cereal containers to control your backseat belongings and trash.

  5. Defrost in a jiffy. Fight fog and frost by giving yourself extra time, using your air-conditioning as a dehumidifier, turning off the recirculation feature, and by not touching the interior windows with hands or gloves. If you know a freeze is coming, cover your windshield with a towel at night (tucked under the wipers), and secure plastic bags with rubber bands to your side-view mirrors. You won't have to chip away at ice in the morning!

Need more hacks and inspiration? Just head over to, and search away. Try searching: car hacks, driving hacks, or safe driving hacks for starters.

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