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3 tips for handling one tiny distraction

Tuesday, October 6, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

wasp in your car by Sharlyn Petit

Many times, it’s the tiniest of distractions that lead to huge driving errors or lapses in judgment while on the road. It might seem silly to overreact to a pest circling around your head while you drive, but the news is packed with stories of drivers jumping from their cars to avoid spiders or driving into poles while swatting flies.

For those moments when in-vehicle distractions startle you, here are some tips to keep you focused on driving.

  1. Stay calm. A buzzing bee or jumping pet may trigger an instant reflex, but try to stay cool in those situations. Ensure your physical response to the distraction doesn’t affect your steering or cause you to overcorrect. Also, don’t let your passengers’ reactions further distract you.

  2. Put it out of your mind. Simply focus on the road and imagine the distraction is far from you. Keep your hands on the wheel and just let the bugs be bugs.

  3. Remove the distraction. When it’s safe to pull over and stop, take a moment to shoo the nuisance away and recover if you’re stressed.

That momentary panic that comes when a winged thing flies in through an open window shouldn’t be as terrifying as you imagine. Just breathe and stay steady.

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