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‘25 greatest Northwest songs’ misses some gems

Friday, March 4, 2016by  Jon Osterberg

Nirvana performingThe Evening Magazine TV show ranked “The 25 greatest songs of the Northwest” on its March 2 telecast, seen on KING-5 and the NWCN stations.

Take a look at their top-25 list, celebrating Northwest artists’ national hits from 1959 to today. Does it match the list you would compile?

I don’t take much exception to the order of the rankings, although there’s no way Pearl Jam should rank way down at No. 8, and I question Macklemore way up there at No. 4.

Jimi Hendrix playing guitar I would have swapped Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana at No. 1 and No. 2.

But it’s the omissions that really stand out. Evening’s list excludes anything by huge artists Dave Matthews, the Foo Fighters, Queensryche, or Death Cab for Cutie. Some would argue the Steve Miller Band, Neko Case, and Built to Spill deserve a slot.

And though he’s not my cup of tea, how could such a list exclude anything by Kenny G, who has sold far more recordings worldwide than any artist on Evening’s list?

Finally, to be fair, if we’re talking the all-time greatest songs by Northwest artists, where are the Brothers Four? And seriously … no Bing Crosby?

Pearl Jam performing If I were to be grossly subjective, I’d find a slot for Seattle’s the Daily Flash, whose “The French Girl” topped the charts in 1967. When Neil Young quit Buffalo Springfield that year, the band recruited Daily Flash guitarist Doug Hastings to replace him.

Which artists would appear on your “25 greatest songs of the Northwest” list?

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personJohn W Gorski03/10/2016 10:08 PM
Anything by Heart, "The Road" and others by Danny O'Keefe, in the punk rock category, how about something by Red Dress?
personJon Osterberg03/04/2016 04:31 PM
Ohmigosh, yes -- big omission. Like them or not (I did at that age), Gary Puckett and the Union Gap had several platinum hits in the late 1960s. Can't overlook our Yakima Valley artists!
personJim Berkley03/04/2016 04:23 PM
Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts "Angel of the Morning"
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap "Young Girl"
Paul Revere and the Raiders "Kicks"

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