2014 Foos Cup champions share their secrets to winning

Foos Cup champions Green ShaleDrumroll, please! We're excited to announce that our 2014 Foos Cup champions are team Green Shale, who scored an impressive 21 goals earlier this year when they visited the PEMCO booth. 

These "I Know I Am, I'm Sure I Am" Sounders FC Fans are local resident Ben S. and his out-of-town teammate, Brandon H., from Iowa. The duo crushed their competition and came out victorious!

To claim their prize, Ben stopped by the WALLY van this weekend before first kick of the Sounders' last regular season home match against the L.A Galaxy. As he picked up his trophy, he shared with us the secrets to winning.

  1. Name that team!

“It all starts with the team name,” according to Ben. The name Green Shale comes from a blend of Sounders’ team colors, which were inspired in part by the Cascade Mountain Range, east of Seattle. Shale's charcoal color comes from the mud and mineral-composed rocks of the Cascades, and is the base color of some Sounders kits. Lots of fans might think of Rave Green when they think of the Sounders, but these true fans are well-versed in the whole Sounders spectrum. 

  1. Practice makes perfect!

Ben mentions that one of the keys to his team’s Foos Cup success was practice, practice, and more practice! Ben works at a Seattle advertising agency, and is lucky enough to have a foosball table at his office, allowing him to get plenty of practice when he's trying to get his creative juices flowing.

  1. Never EVER give up!

The final piece of advice from team Green Shale for future “Foos Cuppers” is to stay determined and to never, ever give up. Always have a good attitude and never be a sore loser. It’s all about fun!

Be sure to stop by the WALLY van to continue the foosball fun as the Sounders host the Western Conference Semifinal on Nov. 10. Although the 2014 Foos Cup tournament is over for this season, it’s never too early to start practicing for the 2015 season! 

by  Hailey Huntington



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