Do you favor keeping our clocks set the same year-round?

In early spring, people in the Northwest move their clocks forward one hour to go from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time. That gives us an hour of extended light in the evening. Clocks fall back to Standard Time in November. Recently there has been debate about whether we should continue to change our clocks in the spring and fall, or whether we should just leave our clocks the same all year round. What is your opinion about what we should do?
All OR
21 19 Continue switching back and forth, like we do now
25 26 Switch to Daylight Saving Time all year-round, so we always have an extra hour of daylight in the evening
39 39 Leave our clocks on Standard Time all year-round
14 14 No preference / Don’t care
1 2 Don’t know
If there was an initiative on the ballot to keep our clocks the same all year long, and if you were asked to vote on it tomorrow, would you favor or oppose keeping the clocks the same?
All OR
66 66 Favor keeping the clocks the same all year long
21 21 Oppose keeping the clocks the same all year long
13 13 Don’t know