Back when you attended your high school prom, did you drink?

Did you attend any of your own high school proms?
All OR
54 56 Yes, I attended at least one
42 41 No, I did not attend any
4 3 My high school did not have proms
Thinking about the last high school prom you attended as a teenager (not one you might have chaperoned as an adult), which one of these statements best describes how you got around that evening?
All OR
31 30 Drove myself
48 48 Rode with a friend who was driving
7 8 Rode with my parents who were driving
1 1 Rode with someone else’s parents
1 1 Used public transportation
9 9 Hired private transportation (like a limo)
2 3 Other
1 0 Don’t know / no answer
Regardless of the transportation you used, did you consume any alcohol as part of your prom festivities?
All OR
19 18 Yes
80 80 No
1 2 Don’t know / no answer
Even if you didn’t drink any alcohol, did you attend a prom party where alcohol was consumed?
All OR
34 29 Yes
60 66 No
6 5 Don’t know / no answer
Beyond school proms, today, what’s your opinion about how parents should manage teenage drinking? (one answer only)
All OR
51 49 Parents should forbid their children from attending parties where alcohol is conmsumed
20 21 Parents should allow occasional use of alcohol in a chaperoned setting when nobody will be driving
1 1 Parents should allow their children to drink in any setting, regardless of whether it's chaperoned or people are driving
22 22 Parents should trust their children to refrain from drinking, without needing to forbid or enforce it
6 7 Don’t know / no answer