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Spring 2015
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Is it time to peel off that bumper sticker?

Bumper Sticker Idealist, cropped

Do you ♥ Yorkies? Run 26.2? Feel proud of your honor student?

A PEMCO Poll shows that one out of four Northwest drivers sports a bumper sticker on his or her car. Clubs and sports teams make up about half the stickers, while 22% share a personal, humorous, or political message. And those little stick figure families? Surprisingly only 8%!

Women in Washington, drivers under age 55, and people with children are the most likely to accessorize their bumpers.

Love 'em or hate 'em, most of us are unfazed by bumper stickers, at least when it comes to how we react to them when driving. But about 20% of poll respondents admitted that they change their driving behavior dep​ending on whether or not they agreed with a bumper sticker's message. Agree, and 21% said they'd be more polite, perhaps slowing down to help you change lanes. But disagree, and 18% fessed up to being a little less courteous.

Drivers under age 35 were the most reactive – twice as likely to be polite to kindred spirits, three times as likely to diss those they disagreed with.

The upshot? Wearing your opinion on your bumper is a lot like wearing your heart on your sleeve – you'll likely to get some reaction, and not always the one you expect.