Perspective Newsletter
Spring 2015
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Reader Question: Do on-campus burglaries spike when students head home for the holidays?

We shared your question with experts in our Claims Department and, happily, they report they don't see a noticeable spike in on-campus crime around the holidays. However between studying for finals and holiday festivities, it's easy for your student to get distracted and let down his or her guard.

Remind your son or daughter to follow the same precautions during the holiday season that are important all year long:

  • Don't leave your dorm room or car unlocked even to run out for just a minute
  • Don't leave cell phones and tablets lying around in classrooms, labs, or libraries
  • In your car, keep valuables locked out of sight in the trunk (whether it's your textbooks, laptop, or holiday packages).

And as they're headed out the door to come home for the holiday break:

  • Shut the blinds to keep tempting electronics out of sight – especially gaming consoles, TVs, and computers
  • Lock and check all doors and windows.