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Spring 2015
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I'm 'working' from home today

​​​In this digitally connected age, the option to occasionally work from home is often viewed as a standard office perk – and 83% of people polled agree it's an important benefit to consider when taking a new job. But a recent PEMCO Northwest Poll also revealed that a surprising number of people say they're more productive working in the office than from home.

Specifically, one out of three people said they get more done when they're within sight line of a cubicle. Only 18% claim the opposite, and 43% say it's a wash. (Nearly half of those surveyed said they currently work for a company that allows working from home, at least some of the time.)

Maybe the survey's biggest surprise was who thinks they're more productive at the office versus home: 52% of workers under 35 said "that's me," while only 26% of older adults thought they were more productive in the office.

Just a guess, but we wonder if the presence of young children in the household makes concentrating on work more difficult. A question, perhaps, for a future survey!

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PEMCO's work-from-home poll tallied responses of 1,200 adults split evenly between Washington and Oregon. See detailed results on our PEMCO Poll page.