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Spring 2015
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Boomers earn top marks for undistracted driving

​​Here's a positive twist on "senior moments." A recent study shows that older drivers are actually in the moment behind the wheel. They're the least likely group to be distracted by smartphones, onboard gadgetry, or even eating or drinking.

That's good news, because people over age 65 now account for one in five drivers nationwide. Predictions made around the turn of the millennium about a wave of frail, potentially dangerous drivers about to hit the roads (all those Baby Boomers) didn't come true. Today's seniors are physically fitter than those of previous generations, and safer cars equipped with side air bags and accident-avoidance systems have made crashes more survivable. (As age advances, though, seniors become more crash-prone. See more in this Washington Post article.)

People in their 20s suffer the greatest percentage of distraction-caused fatalities. While they account for 24% of all drivers, they make up 33% of distracted drivers who were using cell phones at the time of their deadly crash, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

That makes "driving like a grandma" seem like a compliment, doesn't it?​