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Wintertime hacks to carry you through until spring

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If you're among the winter-weary, take heart: Spring's a mere seven weeks away. These six no- or low-cost homeowner hacks can help get you to the finish line:

  1. Make sure your ceiling fan is rotating clockwise

    to force warm air back into the room. (When the weather warms up, reverse the fan so it cools).
  2. Coat your snow shovel with nonstick cooking spray

    or oil like WD-40® to keep snow and ice from building up.
  3. Cut heating bills by closing vents

    in rooms you don't use.
  4. If you notice a draft from an exterior door,

    wrap foam pipe insulatio

    n along the bottom to block the chill.
  5. Dry air seems colder than it actually is. If you heat with wood,

    put a water-filled tea kettle on the woodstove

    to add humidity. Throw in some cloves or a cinnamon stick, and you'll have instant, chemical-free aromatherapy, too!
  6. Slide a hot water bottle under the covers

    at the foot of your bed to warm it up. And for extra coziness, put your pajamas on top of the bottle, so they'll get toasty, too, before you change for bed.
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