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Are you windstorm-ready?

​Here's a Northwest weather trivia question for you: Has our region ever experienced a cyclone?

Give yourself a gold star if you answered "Yes." While we tend to hear more about tropical cyclones, this Saturday (Nov. 3) is the 60th anniversary of one of the most notable to occur here: the "Intense Cyclone of 1958." (Yeah, we agree. It needed a catchier name!)


It produced a whopping 161 mph wind gust atop Naselle Ridge near the mouth of the Columbia and, sadly, cost two people their lives. Cities as far east as Laramie, Wyo., felt its bite with 63 mph gusts.

As we mark the anniversary, we pulled a video from our vault to help you prepare for the next windstorm that blows our way.

And for more windstorm wisdom, check out these preparedness tips.

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