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10 'who knew?' household hacks

​So what's the best way to prevent a mess? Organize a space? Repurpose trash to solve a problem? We asked our resident hack-masters to share their best tips, and they didn't disappoint!

Here are some of our favorites, good for anyone short on time, short on cash, or just looking to channel their inner MacGyver:

  1. Identify power cords. Trouble figuring out that tangle of wires behind your TV or computer? Label them with bread bag clips! Just use a permanent marker to write "printer," "monitor," "table lamp," "computer," "modem" ... you get the idea ... on the blank side of the clips, and attach them to the cords!
  2. Keep garbage bags in place. Do you get frustrated when you replace the garbage bag in your wastebasket, throw in the first piece of trash, and watch as the entire bag drops from sight? Fix that with two Command™ hooks! Just stick the hooks on either side of the outside of the wastebasket (about a third of the way down), loop the bag's drawstring around the hooks, and voila. The bag stays put.
  3. Keep your cleaning supplies within reach (but out of sight). Use a pocketed behind-the-door shoe organizer to store bottles of cleaning solution. It's a great space-saver, especially in the utility closet or laundry room.
  4. Store leftover dry spaghetti noodles in an empty Pringles® can. The noodles stay fresh and unbroken.
  5. Save your car door from slamming the garage wall. Tight parking space? Cut a foam pool noodle in half lengthwise and attach it to your garage wall. That way, you won't ding your car door if you open it too far and hit the wall.
  6. Line a small paint bucket with a gallon-size plastic zipper bag. When you're finished painting, just zip the bag shut – no bucket to clean.
  7. Protect your fingers when hammering a nail. Use a clothespin to hold the nail while you're getting it started. It will save your fingers from an errant swing!
  8. Store jewelry in a plastic ice cube tray. One necklace or set of earrings per compartment – and no tangles.
  9. Use different colored nail polish to mark keys. It's fast and easy to find the right key when you color-code them.
  10. Protect refrigerator shelves from spills with Press 'N' Seal® plastic wrap. Instead of scrubbing and wiping, just pull up the wrap, toss, and re-cover the shelf with a fresh sheet.

Do you have a favorite household or automotive hack? Please share it with us, and we may feature it in a future issue of Perspective.

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