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Road Rules 101: What am I supposed to do at those green bike boxes?

​​​​​​​This month, many Northwesterners will wipe the dust off their trusty two-wheelers and begin biking to work again. That means more bikes on the road and more bikes occupying those green bike boxes you see painted at intersections. Do you know which of the following bike-box statements is true?

  1. Cars may enter bike boxes to make free right turns on a red light;
  2. It's legal to wait in a bike box during a red light as long as no bike is present;
  3. Cars must stop before entering the painted outline. They may enter the bike box only afte​r the light has turned green, and free right turns are not permitted on red lights.

Got your answer? Give yourself 100% if you answered "C."

Whether or not a bicyclist is present in the bike box, cars must stop before entering it and remain stopped until the light turns green. You can't take a free right turn at any intersection with a bike box.

Have a Road Rule you think we should feature? Please share it with us.

Do you know the Dutch Reach?

​Reduce your risk of a bike vs. car-door collision with a technique called the "Dutch Reach" (watch this video from Outside magazine).

​While we don't know if it's truly Dutch, we do think it's a great idea: After you've parked alongside the curb and you're ready to exit your car, reach for the door handle with your RIGHT hand. That brings your arm across your body and forces you to turn your shoulders and head. If a bike is coming up on your left, you'll see it before you open the door.

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