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Winter 2016
Winter 2016

Six New Year’s resolutions you really can keep

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Tired of resolving to lose those same stubborn 10 pounds every year? Well, this year, try these insurance resolutions instead. (Bonus: They're much easier than giving up chocolate.)

  1. Create your account. Manage your PEMCO accounts 24 hours a day without sending a single tree to the paper mill. Go to to register for your online account and paperless delivery of your billing and policy forms.
    With a account, you can change coverages, pay your bill, display your auto insurance ID card, add drivers or cars, and more online. Plus, you can pull up your policy information anywhere – whether you're at a rental-car kiosk or standing on the roadside after a fender-bender.
  2. Update (or create) a video inventory of your belongings. If your home is ever burglarized or damaged in a fire, a video inventory gives you a head start on reclaiming or replacing your possessions. Systematically shoot each room, starting at the doorway and panning around the space. Zoom in on individual items as you describe them, and capture details like makers' names or marks on the bottom of art pieces and serial numbers on electronics. Don't forget to open every drawer and closet. Store a copy of your video inventory somewhere other than your home.
  3. Check that you're carrying your current PEMCO ID card in your glovebox. Or, to ensure it's with you all the time, access it on your smartphone via your account.
  4. Tell us about remodeling that may affect your home's value. If you're replacing "like with like" (for example, worn laminate countertops with new laminate countertops), your policy automatically keeps up. However, if you upgrade (say you switch from laminate to granite), you'll want to tell us. Ditto for any new additions like decks, fences, or rooms.
  5. Protect those sparkly holiday gifts. Did you know your policy has maximum combined and individual limits for certain types of high-value belongings? For example, our homeowner, condo, and renter policies cap jewelry coverage at a combined value of $5,000 with a maximum of $2,500 per item. If that's no longer enough, call 1-800-GO-PEMCO or log in to your account to protect your valuables with per-item coverage.
  6. Make sure you're getting all the discounts you can. Life changes, and that means you may qualify for discounts that didn't apply when you took out your PEMCO policy. For example, are you now busing instead of driving to work? Have you added an alarm system in your home? Are you a recent University of Washington graduate? Call us. We likely can cut your bill!
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