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April 2016
April 2016

Need to manage your PEMCO policies? There’s an app for that!

Your PEMCO protection is just a tap away with Go PEMCO 2.0, our newly upgraded mobile app for iPhone® and Android™. It lets you manage all your policies – add drivers, update jewelry coverage, pay your bill, change deductibles, and more – from your phone or tablet with the ease of an app.

Now, you can handle virtually every kind of account transaction using the app, even for options that formerly were available to you only from your desktop or mobile browser.

Plus, Go PEMCO 2.0 gives you peace of mind knowing that whether you're standing at a car-rental kiosk or swapping insurance information after a fender-bender, your vital PEMCO information (Proof of Insurance ID card and details on coverage, vehicles, and drivers) is just a tap away. You can even tap to contact us quickly by phone or access "What do I do if I have a claim?" information – a real plus during those jangled-nerve moments following an accident.

Go PEMCO 2.0 is just one more way we give you choices in how you do business with us. If you don't already have a account, now's a great time to set one up using the app. Go PEMCO 2.0 is available free on the App Store® and Google Play™.

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