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Are you ready for a self-driving car?

When you hear "self-driving car" are you in the Woo-Hoo-Can't-Wait camp? Or are you more of a Leave-the-Driving-to-Me type?

Find out how your opinion compares with your neighbors' on Oct. 12 when results of our latest PEMCO Northwest Poll come in! It asks Northwesterners how they feel about letting their cars do the driving.

We predict the poll will start conversations. For example:

  • Do you think our region's support for driverless cars will split down generational lines? (In March, a national online Fortune – Morning Consult poll of 2,001 registered voters found 26% would consider buying a self-driving car. Slightly more, 34% would ride in one, with Millennials ages 18-29 the most likely to hop in at 44%.)
  • Do you wonder if news of driverless-car crashes has affected consumers' opinions about how soon the vehicles should be available to consumers?
  • Do you feel hopeful about the technology's potential to save lives (human error is a critical factor in about 94% of car crashes)?

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