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June 2016
June 2016

​​Your car could be smarter than you think

In four short years – when our next U.S. President runs for re-election (let that sink in a little …) – 10 million of us will be picking up our bread, milk, and eggs in a self-driving car.

So says a recent article in Business Insider, which classifies "self-driving cars" as any vehicle that can accelerate, brake, or steer with limited or no help from its human driver. (The fully autonomous version, the newsletter predicts, will debut in 2019. Completely driverless cars, the kind that can pick up your dinner guests while you're at home setting the table, are still a long way off.)

For some of us, though, that self-driving future may already be in the garage. New safety technologies are being added to cars faster than in any earlier generation, and not everyone knows what they are (adaptive cruise control? rear cross-traffic alert?) or how to use them.

That's the point of a new website – – created by the National Safety Council and the University of Iowa. It has short videos showing consumers how 27 amazing safety features work. Some, including features like adaptive headlights, are especially geared toward improving mature drivers' safety and comfort.

The website is ​worth a visit. You might discover features you didn't know your car had, and you're sure to find technologies you'll want to put on your wish list the next time you visit the dealer's showroom…assuming you're still the one in the driver's seat.

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