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It pays to think local when choosing your insurance company

Mutual company

​​​Picture this: You're at the grocery store, standing in front of the pyramids of apples. You can pick a grown-in-the-Northwest variety from local farmers or one shipped across the country from who-knows-where.

Pretty easy choice, right?

It's not so different with insurance. PEMCO really is different from other insurance companies – both in how it's structured and how it serves customers when Northwest roads and weather dish out their worst.

Not beholden to Wall Street

Unlike most major insurers, PEMCO is a mutual insurance company. It's owned by its policyholders, not stockholders, and that's why you often hear PEMCO policyholders call themselves "members" instead of "customers." Doing the right thing for you – not tweaking stock prices – guides company decisions.

That means we pay claims quickly, fairly, and honor the PEMCO promise to protect the dreams of Northwest people. And because "our" money really is your money, we find sensible ways to keep costs down – like using electronic rather than paper documents whenever possible, giving you online self-service options, and downsizing our corporate offices earlier this year.

We know how to pronounce 'Puyallup' and 'Willamette'

PEMCO is headquartered in Seattle and serves Northwest residents only. It doesn't need "blanket strategies" to cover all 50 states and, when a weather calamity strikes, managers don't find out by memo. They only need to step out their front doors.

We believe that if a 75-foot hemlock ever slices through your living room, the first adjuster you talk with shouldn't be sitting 2,000 miles away in a call center. PEMCO claims adjusters live and work locally. They have decades worth of working relationships with area body shops, arborists, roofers, and other specialists whose services book up quickly following natural disasters.

And, if a claim is truly unusual, PEMCO adjusters can walk down the hall to talk with top decision-makers – no need to grind through a multistate chain of command or wait over the weekend for a response.

World-class member service

PEMCO consistently earns customer-service ratings that beat the big-name national companies, whether you measure feedback gathered by independent research firms or publicly logged reports to state regulators.

Often, it's the little things that members mention – like real people (not voice mail menus) answering the phones, and our no-pressure noncommissioned customer service representatives who handle calls and online requests.

Living locally, giving locally

PEMCO supports Northwest charities that primarily benefit education, youth, and public safety. Last year, 90% of PEMCO employees also donated their own time and money to support causes ranging from blood, food, and clothing drives to volunteering with at-risk students.

In short, we know you, because we are you. We live in the same neighborhoods, travel the same roads, endure the same storms, support the same schools, and donate to the same charities. And because we insure only Northwest residents, we take care of you like no one else can.​

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